Switch freezes or simply stop comunication

Hi, I have a network and I use a switch but sometimes the switch stops working, the leds are fine, everything looks fine in the switch but nobody can see nobody in the network but when I unplug the switch from the power supply and plug it again, everything gets normal, the problem is solved and the network becomes fine again. I dont have any idea of what could it be, maybe is not even the switch.

Please, I need help.
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The problem most likely is the switch.  If you are only resetting the switch and it takes care of the network problem then its the problem.  Switches do not fail often but when they are going bad this is a typical symptom.   Many brands of switches are warrantied for longer than most people think.  min 3-5 years some even have lifetime.
EmilioFaresAuthor Commented:
I don't think is the switch cause I've already change it, I bought a new one and the problem persists.
Bad power can corrupt the data in the switch that keeps track of where and what computers are on the network causing it to freeze.  If the switch is plugged into a UPS it may be going bad If it isn't plugged into a UPS you may want to try running off of one.  

Very rarely I have seen a bad network card cause this but I think you would see many other problems on your network.  Slowness, excess activity (lights blinking rapidly without high utilization)  

Copying very large files tend to make bad network cards show their symptoms more.  Try copying a large zip file or data file 200mb or larger to and from each workstation and see if takes extra time from one workstation or see if it will freeze the up the switch.    
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what kind of switch do you have?

instead of pulling the power on the switch, try pulling network cables one at a time.  
EmilioFaresAuthor Commented:
It looks that a Lynksys Wirles router tha is connected to te switch is causing the problem, I'll try to unplug it and see what hapends

Out of curiosity, are the activity LEDs going spastic when the orblem is occuring or does traffic just stop?
EmilioFaresAuthor Commented:
traffic just stop, but as I said, it looks like it was the linksys wireless router I unplug it from the network and it's been 2 weeks with no problems. I think that was the solution but thanks any way for your help
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