Text in Photoshop - stupid question

I have a real stupid question?

I'm using Photoshop within CS1 and I have two images
1) 150px  X  1200px

2) 210px  X  250px

If I put text in these images at 9pt using a Arial, Helvetica or Century Schoolbook font with no other differences
they look totally different

The 1st image has the text the correct size

The 2nd image shows the the test extremely large.

To make it even more confusing. If I copy the text box from the 1st image to the 2nd the text shrinks dramatically and is now show to be 2.5pt.

What is going on? Is this a bug?

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lherrouConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Outside of the lounge, there's no stupid questions here. :)

Actually, it sounds your issue is that the dpi is different in the two photos. Remember that the Xpt font size is in points per inch - so it is going to be relative to the resolution (dpi - dots per inch) of the image you are trying to insert the text into.

jerrylmclaughlinAuthor Commented:
I checked all of my settings and they are identical between images. Where is dpi set? If you are saying the size of the image affects the size of the font  how do I know that I'm using the same size font when I'm creating different images for the same web page?

Thank you

jerrylmclaughlinAuthor Commented:
I answered the second question for some reason the second images resolution changed to 300dpi from the first images 72 dpi.

Thanks for clearing that up, it was driving be crazy

Hey Jerry. Glad to help out. :) Thanks for the points and the "A"

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