Quicktime hijacking mpg-movies

Ever since I installed quicktime (with iTunes... really don't like it, but I do have some mov-files I want to watch...), it's been hijacking all mpg-movies I play via Internet Explorer. I've tried to take away all file associations I can find, but obviously there's at least one I've missed. Can anyone help? I just want the Media Player to kick in whenever I start playing an mpg-movie in Explorer...

(what I've tried: in Quicktime player, under Edit-Preferneces-Quicktime Preferences-File Types, removed all mpg-associations; File Type settings in Windows are all set to Media Player; didn't find any file type settings in IE-options...)
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shuboarderConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Have a look under control panel.
Double click Quicktime

Look at the Browser and File Types tabs here and uncheck as necessary.
addeyAuthor Commented:
Hadn't noticed that Quicktime had its own icon in control panel... Thanks!
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