Need to recertify the same id every day.


I dont understand why its doing this, but some IDs are expiring on 07/2006, I recertify the ID and everything goes well. It says im good till 2008 but the day after I received a message that I need to recertify the same ids cause its going to expire on 07/2006.

I did it like 3-4 times with the and I have to renew it each day, I copied the id to all locations that I use the domino administrator but still

For the record, Im not storing my id files into my names.nsf

Any help would be appreciated.


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These are the steps:

Open Administrator
Click Configuration
Click Certify

Use your certifier ID to recertify your Certifier and extend the expiration date.
(in the administrator) click on server, select server console, run:  tell adminp process new

In Administrator
Then select server>>People & Groups
Expand Domino Directories
Expand People
Select the person you want to recertify
Expand the Tools Pane and select Recertify
Select the Certifier ID to use
Then change the expiration date
click on server, select server console, run:  tell adminp process new

My guess is that you have to recertify your certifier first, and then you can select everyone in the address book and recertify them.  
denzmorAuthor Commented:
Ok I think I got the answer

First you need to copy the user's public key from their ID to their person document in the Domino Directory. Get the user to send their public key to you by going to File> Security > User Security ... Your identity > Your Certificates > Other Actions > Mail, Copy certificate ... Mail Certificate. This will fix the error the user is receiving.

I will try it and wait tomorrow if its working..

If theres any better solutions, I would appreciate
Hi denzmor,
What version Notes, and do you have cert.log sitting on your server, and is Adminp running.  If so, what does the administrations request database say?  If it couldn't recertify, then an error will appear in the administrations request database.

If adminp isn't running, or if you don't have cert.log on your server, or if the ID that you used to recertify doesn't match the cert id in cert log, then you will have problems.

First is to find the error messages.  

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denzmorAuthor Commented:
I dont have the cert.log and nothing is pending in the adminp process.

The problem is I can certify the id, but he doesnt update the names.nsf on the server.

denzmorAuthor Commented:
ok I got the cerlog.nsf.. Im going tru and paste the result
denzmorAuthor Commented:
i got no error but I see the same users 3-4 times.. the amount of time that I recertified the id
denzmorAuthor Commented:
Error updating local ID file: The information in the supplied certificates from the Address Book entry is out of date
What version of Domino Server and client ?

s your workAround resolving this isse ?
Normally  you would not need to copy the public key, it should already be there .
Were any  certifiers changed ?

DId you join a different organization and  need to recetify all ID s ?

I hope this helps !
It would seem that your's are out of date.. and you need to recertify them before you can certify the user.    Now, there are a few varieties.. the Organizational is the main one that Notes places on the server.  From that you create OU, organizational units.  When you go to recertify, jim/Dept/ACME, then you need to recertify him with the DEPT/ACME certifier, and this is the one that is out of date.  
Oops, rereading.. clarify for us.. is the user getting an error about their id expiring?  Or has it expired?   Are you trying to recertify the ID they sent to you?  Or are you trying to recertify the user from the address book?  
Just checking on your progress...

When you recertify a user, then you need to have author access to log.nsf and author access to the adminp.nsf

Triggered by: Initiating a Recertify Person action from the tools pane in the Domino Administrator.
Carried out on: The administration server for the Domino Directory.
Carried out: According to the "Interval" setting in the Administration Process section of the Server document.
Result: Updates the user's certified public key, and updates the user's ID file during the authentication process

The adminp database will record the event and any errors that might have happened when the request was submitted.  If you don't see errors, or you don't see an entry for the request, then you don't have access the Adminp.  Please look in the adminp.nsf database and tell us what errors you are seeing there.
Also,open the Administrator help and follow the steps outlined in: Recertifying a certifier ID or a user ID  
Hi Friend,

    U have to do 2 things.  first u want to see which id the user is using.  first u copy the user's public key and update it in the domino domain.  & replicate every where.  & after that u recertify the user mail id.  other wise you generate new password and certify it.  it will work.
denzmorAuthor Commented:
I gave you the points eventho I find the solutions before you posted it. But its still the correct answer.. so heres your points.
Next time just post your solution, and then EE will refund the points.:)  But glad you worked it out.
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