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Quick question I'm surprised that I couldn't easily find an answer for...  Creating a report in SQL reporting from a SQL DB.  DB has some bit fields (0,1) that I'd like to display on my report as a checkbox.  The query in SQL Reporting interprets these fields as True/False which I assume is fine--but wants to display it as a text field only.  Is there a way to write an expression or change the format so that this field will show on the report as a checkbox?  Or barring that, how 'bout changing the output to something a little more user friendly like  True = "Completed", False = "Not Completed".

Thanks for your help...  P.S.--going out of town on a fishing trip this weekend so I won't be  able to immediately respond but rest assured I won't leave you hanging!

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simon_kirkConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Quickest way I found was to use a font like Webdings or Wingdings, where there are check and cross characters.  Find the characters that show what you need and then use an expression in your textbox using somthing like =IIF(MyField.Value=1,"t","h")
rz1224Author Commented:
Thank you Simon--That'll work!
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