Offline syncronization problem - "parameter is incorrect"


I have another post with this question under Windows XP section, but I don't get any answers. The file server is a Server 2000.

Here is my error message:

"Offline Files (\\"ServerName"\Users on "ServerName"): Unable to merge offline changes on '\\ServerName\Users.' The parameter is incorrect. "

I found this on EE, but it doesn't help me:

The problem is that this computer belongs to a customer and he has made about 500 files when he was on a trip (he has mostly  created lots of .msg files) and then we cannot empty the offline files using ctrl+shift as that will destroy his great job as the files hasn't been syncronized...

If I'm going to the "offline files" I CAN find the files under "only the local copy exists" (translated from Swedish), but I cannot copy them using "Copy this object" because I get this error message: "Cannot copy the file. Cannot read from the source file or source disk".

I've read about that the database may be currupt in forums, but how can that appear? The offline function doesn't seem to be reliable at all then...

Can I rescue the files in anyway as I don't want to empty the offline files as we will lose all files that hasn't yet been syncronized??


-Windows Server NT 4.0 -  domain controller
-Windows Server 2000 - file server
-This client computer is running XP Pro with SP2 and all updates are installed automatically every day

ERRORS in the client computer log file:

Program log:
Error: ID: 15 Source: AutoEnrollment
Swedish translation: Automatic registration for certificate fir local system account couldn't contect Active Directory (0x8007054b). The domain does not exist ir could not get contacted. Registration will not be done.

Warning: ID 1517, Source: Usernv
Register settings for user DOMAIN\USERNAME saved during a program or serice still used the register during logout....


ID: 1003, type: error, source: system error
Error code 10000050, parameter1 f74a1fbf, parameter2 00000000, parameter3 f74a1fbf, parameter4 00000000.
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Kini pradeepConnect With a Mentor Principal Cloud and security consultantCommented:
the latest version of csccmd could be got from the MSFT PSS, it has a /extract switch using which you might be able to extract these files.
i have also seen a similar post on EE.
if you are able to extract these files from the client then i belive you are good to go.

henriklundinAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much, that did the trick!

I used the csccmd  1.1 with /extract in combination with /recurse

Really great help!!  My customer is so lucky now! Have a great day!
Kini pradeepPrincipal Cloud and security consultantCommented:
thank you for the points henri.

have a good day.
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