Hard drive loss

I recently reformatted my computer because it was acting up on me.  while i was downloading the drivers for my motherboard on intels website i noticed a new bios.  Thinking it was a good idea to fix something that wasn't broken i downloaded it and installed it.  here is where the problem started.  i had the file on a separate hard drive than my main one. i installed it from that drive.  when i returned into windows the hard drive that i installed it from is missing.  I logged into the bios and it does not show up.  tried right clicking my computer icon and manage and it was not listed in there.  does anyone know of a utility to get this hard drive back??  i think it might have installed a partition on it to boot from to install the bios and never got changed over because it was not on my C:\
Thanks in advance
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First go into your BIOS and check it's settings, make sure that the IDE settings are set to detect the devices and not turned off. A BIOS update often changes BIOS settings. If you still don't see the HD in the BIOS, connect only this disk, and also put it in another PC. If then you still can't see the HD, it is broken.
Irwin SantosComputer Integration SpecialistCommented:
Post the jumper settings and configuration of your drives

what drive is MASTER and what drive is on what IDE channel

include all your hardrive & CD/DVD ROM information.
securi-techAuthor Commented:
forgot to specify, the hard drives are SATA and the master is set to master and all of the others are set to slave
you can send the hard drive off to a couple companies out there that can do data recovery if needed

They are


There are many other options you have as well.  Does the hard drive spin up when putting power to the machine?  Have you tried putting it into another computer and checking the drive?  Even if it had put a partition on the hard drive, it should still show up in bios unless turned off
What bios you downloaded from intel website? motherboard bios? You can try this:

1. What is hard driver vendor? Maxtor, WD, etc ... go to its vendor website and download diagnostic software and put in floppy A.
2. Jumper the drive as master, and install only that drive on computer. Restart system (with boot order from A first), see if it detected in Bios. If so, then let system start up until the diagnostic software starting loading. If not,
3. Try hook up that drive on another computer see if it is detected.
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