Access 2000 to SQL2000 Access FE problems

I moved a application that was in Access backend and a Access FrontEnd to SQL 2000. I have been running into all kind of problems on the frontend. The current one I am stuck in is. Run-time error '3021' No Current Record. and it highlights :

'Calculates Owner Numbers for Active Filing & Non-Filing Owners
    Dim db As Database
    Dim rsf As Recordset
    Dim rsn As Recordset
    Dim rsc As Recordset
    Dim rso As Recordset 'rsf = filing owners, rsn = non-filing owners, rsc = Canadian Letters
    Dim F, N As Integer  'F= # filing owners, N = # non-filing owners
    Dim qdf As QueryDef
    Dim qdn As QueryDef
    Dim qdc As QueryDef
    Dim qdo  As QueryDef
    Set db = CurrentDb
    Set qdf = db.QueryDefs("qryHomesteadActiveFilingOwners")
    Set qdn = db.QueryDefs("qryHomesteadActiveNonFilingOwners")
    Set qdc = db.QueryDefs("qryOwnersNeedingCanadianLetters")
    Set qdo = db.QueryDefs("qryHomesteadActiveFilingOwnersOwnerData")
    qdf(0) = Me!HomesteadID
    qdn(0) = Me!HomesteadID
    qdc(0) = Me!HomesteadID
    qdo(0) = Me!HomesteadID
    Set rsf = qdf.OpenRecordset(dbOpenDynaset, dbSeeChanges)
    Set rsn = qdn.OpenRecordset(dbOpenDynaset, dbSeeChanges)
    Set rsc = qdc.OpenRecordset(dbOpenDynaset, dbSeeChanges)
    Set rso = qdo.OpenRecordset(dbOpenDynaset, dbSeeChanges)
    'Sets initial value of owners & turns on hourglass
    F = 0
    N = 0
    DoCmd.Hourglass True
    'Runs process for Filing Owners
    If Not (rsf.EOF And rsf.BOF) Then
    Do Until rsf.EOF
        F = F + 1
        rsf!OwnerNum = F
    Me!NumFilingOwners = F
    DoCmd.RunCommand acCmdSaveRecord
    'Runs process for Non-filing Owners
        rsn.MoveFirst<---STOPS RIGHT HERE.
        Do Until rsn.EOF
            N = N + 1
            rsn!OwnerNum = N
         Me!NumNonFilingOwners = N
    DoCmd.RunCommand acCmdSaveRecord
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nico5038Connect With a Mentor Commented:
That indicates that qryOwnersNeedingCanadianLetters doesn't give rows for the specified HomesteadID.
Did you check or HomesteadID is filled and that the query will return data ?

From your code I get the impression that your table(s) aren't properly "normalized". Are you still developing your application ?

ircpamanagerAuthor Commented:
Rey Obrero (Capricorn1)Commented:
try checking first if rsn recordset is not empty

    'Runs process for Non-filing Owners

    if  rsn.eof =false then        ' add this line
        rsn.MoveFirst<---STOPS RIGHT HERE.
        Do Until rsn.EOF
            N = N + 1
            rsn!OwnerNum = N

   end if                   ' add this line

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can you open your Access MDB, go to the Queries tab, and Execute the query


does it return records?

do you know for a fact that there are HomesteadActiveNonFilingOwners (that the number of records to be returned is in fact >0)?

ircpamanagerAuthor Commented:
No there are no records in the query, on the original it does not give me a error at this point on same record.
if there are no records to be counted, then capricorn1 has the anser - and the equivalent test should be applied to each of the blocks - skip the block (and set the value to 0) if there are no records to be counted.

The already coded test:
If Not (rsf.EOF And rsf.BOF) Then
is the way Microsoft describes as the safe way to test for no records.
Just use this statement for all other .movefirst statements as indicated by Arthur_Wood.

ircpamanagerAuthor Commented:
now it will not move past.

 'Variables used for each status flag
    'The number af the "S" in the variable matches the status type
    Dim S1 As Integer  'Completed
    Dim S2 As Integer  'Missing Information
    Dim S3 As Integer 'Denial
    Dim S4 As Integer  'Approved
    Dim S5 As Integer  'Research
    'Starts each status variable at zero
    S1 = 0
    S2 = 0
    S3 = 0
    S4 = 0
    S5 = 0
'Calculates if each Exemption Type is used on the Application
    'by updating invisible form sfrmHomesteadExemptions
    'and thus saving data to tblHomesteadExemptions
    'First resets form so all exemptions are "NO"
    Me!sfrmHomesteadExemptions!Homestead = 0
    Me!sfrmHomesteadExemptions!Widow = 0
    Me!sfrmHomesteadExemptions!Widower = 0
    Me!sfrmHomesteadExemptions!Disability = 0
    Me!sfrmHomesteadExemptions!Veterans = 0
    Me!sfrmHomesteadExemptions!Blind = 0
    Me!sfrmHomesteadExemptions!Quad = 0
    Me!sfrmHomesteadExemptions!ServiceCon = 0
    Me!sfrmHomesteadExemptions!ServiceConTP = 0
    Me!sfrmHomesteadExemptions!Wheelchair = 0
    Me!sfrmHomesteadExemptions!TotalPerm = 0
    Me!sfrmHomesteadExemptions!Senior = 0
    Me!sfrmHomesteadExemptions!Partial = 0
    'Updates fields based on Active Filing Owners
    Do Until rsf.EOF
        If rsf!HomeExempt = -1 Then
            Me!sfrmHomesteadExemptions!Homestead = -1
        End If
        If rsf!WidowExempt = -1 Then
            Me!sfrmHomesteadExemptions!Widow = -1
        End If
        If rsf!WidowerExempt = -1 Then
            Me!sfrmHomesteadExemptions!Widower = -1
        End If
        If rsf!DisableExempt = -1 Then
            Me!sfrmHomesteadExemptions!Disability = -1
        End If
        If rsf!VeteranExempt = -1 Then
            Me!sfrmHomesteadExemptions!Veterans = -1
        End If
        If rsf!BlindExempt = -1 Then
            Me!sfrmHomesteadExemptions!Blind = -1
        End If
        If rsf!QuadExempt = -1 Then
            Me!sfrmHomesteadExemptions!Quad = -1
        End If
'        If rsf.SvcConExempt = -1 Then
'            Me!sfrmHomesteadExemptions!ServiceCon = -1
'        End If
        If rsf!TotSvcExempt = -1 Then
            Me!sfrmHomesteadExemptions!ServiceConTP = -1
        End If
        If rsf!WheelChairExempt = -1 Then
            Me!sfrmHomesteadExemptions!Wheelchair = -1
        End If
        If rsf!TotPermExempt = -1 Then
            Me!sfrmHomesteadExemptions!TotalPerm = -1
        End If
        If rsf!SeniorExempt = -1 Then
            Me!sfrmHomesteadExemptions!Senior = -1
        End If
        If rsf!PartialExempt = -1 Then
            Me!sfrmHomesteadExemptions!Partial = -1
        End If
    'Resets all Print Flags before processing
    'Individual Canadian Flags used to verify Owner
    'Canadian Letter Reports based from Overall Providence Flags
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!O1Alberta = "N"
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!O2Alberta = "N"
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!O3Alberta = "N"
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!O4Alberta = "N"
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!O5Alberta = "N"
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!O6Alberta = "N"
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!O1BritishColumbia = "N"
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!O2BritishColumbia = "N"
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!O3BritishColumbia = "N"
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!O4BritishColumbia = "N"
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!O5BritishColumbia = "N"
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!O6BritishColumbia = "N"
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!O1Manitoba = "N"
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!O2Manitoba = "N"
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!O3Manitoba = "N"
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!O4Manitoba = "N"
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!O5Manitoba = "N"
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!O6Manitoba = "N"
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!O1NewBrunswick = "N"
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!O2NewBrunswick = "N"
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!O3NewBrunswick = "N"
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!O4NewBrunswick = "N"
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!O5NewBrunswick = "N"
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!O6NewBrunswick = "N"
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!O1Newfoundland = "N"
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!O2Newfoundland = "N"
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!O3Newfoundland = "N"
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!O4Newfoundland = "N"
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!O5Newfoundland = "N"
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!O6Newfoundland = "N"
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!O1NovaScotia = "N"
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!O2NovaScotia = "N"
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!O3NovaScotia = "N"
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!O4NovaScotia = "N"
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!O5NovaScotia = "N"
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!O6NovaScotia = "N"
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!O1Ontario = "N"
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!O2Ontario = "N"
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!O3Ontario = "N"
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!O4Ontario = "N"
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!O5Ontario = "N"
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!O6Ontario = "N"
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!O1PrinceEdwardIsland = "N"
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!O2PrinceEdwardIsland = "N"
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!O3PrinceEdwardIsland = "N"
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!O4PrinceEdwardIsland = "N"
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!O5PrinceEdwardIsland = "N"
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!O6PrinceEdwardIsland = "N"
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!O1Quebec = "N"
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!O2Quebec = "N"
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!O3Quebec = "N"
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!O4Quebec = "N"
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!O5Quebec = "N"
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!O6Quebec = "N"
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!O1Saskatchewan = "N"
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!O2Saskatchewan = "N"
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!O3Saskatchewan = "N"
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!O4Saskatchewan = "N"
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!O5Saskatchewan = "N"
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!O6Saskatchewan = "N"
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!O1OtherCounty = "N"
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!O2OtherCounty = "N"
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!O3OtherCounty = "N"
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!O4OtherCounty = "N"
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!O5OtherCounty = "N"
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!O6OtherCounty = "N"
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!O1DecDomicile = "N"
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!O2DecDomicile = "N"
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!O3DecDomicile = "N"
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!O4DecDomicile = "N"
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!O5DecDomicile = "N"
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!O6DecDomicile = "N"
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!O1Affidavit = "N"
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!O2Affidavit = "N"
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!O3Affidavit = "N"
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!O4Affidavit = "N"
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!O5Affidavit = "N"
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!O6Affidavit = "N"
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!O1ResAffidavit = "N"
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!O2ResAffidavit = "N"
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!O3ResAffidavit = "N"
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!O4ResAffidavit = "N"
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!O5ResAffidavit = "N"
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!O6ResAffidavit = "N"
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!O1MissingInfo = "N"
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!O2MissingInfo = "N"
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!O3MissingInfo = "N"
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!O4MissingInfo = "N"
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!O5MissingInfo = "N"
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!O6MissingInfo = "N"
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!O1Research = "N"
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!O2Research = "N"
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!O3Research = "N"
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!O4Research = "N"
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!O5Research = "N"
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!O6Research = "N"
    'Overall Canadian Letter Print Flags
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!Alberta = "N"
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!BritishColumbia = "N"
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!Manitoba = "N"
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!NewBrunswick = "N"
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!Newfoundland = "N"
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!NovaScotia = "N"
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!Ontario = "N"
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!PrinceEdwardIsland = "N"
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!Quebec = "N"
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!Saskatchewan = "N"
    'Overall other reports flags
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!PrintOtherCounty = "N"
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!PrintDeclarations = "N"
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!PrintAffidavit = "N"
    Forms!frmHomesteadMain!sfrmAppConfig!PrintResAffidavit = "N"
    'Sets Print Flags for Canadian Letters for each owner and overall letters
    If Not (rsc.EOF And rsc.BOF) Then<-----------------------------------------------------will not move past here
  #### #I put a msgbox before "If Not (rsc.EOF and rsc.BOF) Then" the msgbox displays. If i put it after it the Msgbox does not display######
    Do Until rsc.EOF
    Dim P As String
    Dim O As Integer
    P = rsc!PropProvidence  'Providence Name
    O = rsc!OwnerNum  'Owner Number
Rey Obrero (Capricorn1)Commented:

try it this way

    If rsc.BOF = True Or rsc.EOF = True Then
        MsgBox ("No records to process")
        Do Until rsc.EOF
         Dim P As String
         Dim O As Integer
          P = rsc!PropProvidence  'Providence Name
         O = rsc!OwnerNum  'Owner Number

   end if

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