2003 auditing

Hello, I have enabled auditing on a share on my 2003 file server but the security logs are very difficult to deciper and work with. Is there better tools to analyse this information with?

For example, I wish to find out every person, that say access a particular file in a given period
Alternatively, I wish to find out every file accessed by a specific user
Or even, the list of documents (with users) for a specific printer

Further more, how can I collate information across multiple servers to get a specific user's actions.

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jss1199Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi john_123,

GFI's SELM is probably the most cost-effective solution.  It's reporting and filtering functions will allow you to easily find information and consolidate logs from multiple servers.  Grab the trial at http://www.gfi.com/lanselm/lanselmfeatures.htm

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