How to display image that has UNC path?

Hi, I am trying to display image where its src parameter is UNC path like the following:
<img id="imgViewer" src="\\user-89dc945c9a\3\Download.gif" border="0" alt="Download.gif" >

But the image does not appear.

if src parameter does not accept UNC paths is there a script that allow me to display this image?
Please help
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MechanTOurSConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I don't know if there's a direct solution.

"file:////user-89dc945c9a/3/Download.gif" is the right way.
but u may not be able to view it from an hosted page:
i think it is a security restriction

Do u want the page to display an image from local network ?

couldn't u install a little webserver on user-89dc945c9a ?

Is ur code dynamically generated ?
why can't u put ur pictures with ur webpage ?
b0lsc0ttIT ManagerCommented:
This question is a duplicate of  You can have one question deleted, lower the points on both questions to keep below the 500 point max, or turn one question into a pointer (20 points) to the other question (500 point).  You can post to Community Support for help doing this.
ZvonkoConnect With a Mentor Systems architectCommented:
Check this:

<img id="imgViewer" src="file:////user-89dc945c9a/3/Download.gif" border="0" alt="Download.gif" >

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Abdu_AllahAuthor Commented:
Zvonko , Do you mean: "file:\\\\user-89dc945c9a\3\Download.gif" and not "file:////user-89dc945c9a/3/Download.gif"

however both case does not work.
Abdu_AllahAuthor Commented:
Actually if I open the html page that contains that tag from the LAN(inside firewall) it works fine but it does not work if I open the page from browser behind firewall...any suggestions?
Abdu_AllahAuthor Commented:
>Is ur code dynamically generated ?


I think the best way is to copy files programatecally to the web page and delete them after finish.
Abdu_AllahAuthor Commented:

>i think it is a security restriction

How can I remove the resrection? Is it possible?
i don't think so.
it is the purpose of such restriction.
u need a little webserver on ur machine.
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