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Query Engine Error in Web Application


I have a web application where I use Crystal Reports.
I have set the datasource to a Dataset. Everything works fine in the developing machine.
When I upload the application to the server it gives me an error when viewing the report.

Exception Details: CrystalDecisions.CrystalReports.Engine.DataSourceException: Query Engine Error: 'C:\DOCUME~1\WEBSENSE\ASPNET\LOCALS~1\Temp\temp_d7f693d2-f955-49b7-ba03-5872073be60f.rpt'

Any idea what the error means?

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Could be a lot of things.

How are you setting the data source?

carlosmonteAuthor Commented:
I fill a dataset with a SQLDataAdapter with the SelectCommand that I need as a datasource:

CommandText= "SELECT C.ControlDate AS ControlDateAll, P.EmployeeID AS EmployeeID, P.CoNumber AS CoNumber, P.FirstName AS FirstName, P.MiddleInitial AS MiddleInitial, P.LastName AS LastName, P.BaseDepartment AS BaseDepartment, D.DeptNo AS DeptNo, D.DeptName AS DeptName, P.PalSoftID AS PalSoftID, T.* FROM dbo.TblMasterCalendar C LEFT OUTER JOIN (SELECT * FROM vwPalaceConsolidatedTcDetailFileAndHistory WHERE companynumber =" & coNum & " AND department IN (" & departmts & " )) T ON C.ControlDate = T.ControlDate LEFT OUTER JOIN dbo.vwPalaceConsolidatedPrMaster P ON P.EmployeeID = T.timeclockid AND T.companynumber = P.CoNumber LEFT OUTER JOIN dbo.vwPalaceConsolidatedPrDepartments D ON T.Department = D.DeptNo AND T.companynumber = D.CoNumber LEFT OUTER JOIN dbo.TblMasterCompanyNames TblMasterCompanyNames ON P.CoNumber = TblMasterCompanyNames.CoNumber WHERE (MONTH(C.ControlDate) = " & month1 & " ) AND (YEAR(C.ControlDate) = " & year1 & ") "

Then I pass that dataset as the reportSource:
carlosmonteAuthor Commented:
Got it!
The deployment machine was missing two merge modules: Msvcr70.dll and Msvcp70.dll
I did include them in the Setup project. However the modules where contained in the application folders but not in the machine's \System32\ folder.
So I just copied the modules to \WINNT\System32\
Worked just fine after this. For reference here is the BO article



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