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Using MS Word 2003 and Windows XP. If I type a paragraph of text and then change the font size of the first word of the paragraph to be significantly larger than the rest of the text, the spacing between the first and second line of text changes and doesn't match the rest of the paragraph. How do I change it so that the spacing stays the same (i.e. reduce the spacing below the large font character)?
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byundtConnect With a Mentor Commented:
What you are asking for is called "Raised caps". Word doesn't implement this feature very well, because the leading (space between the first row and subsequent rows) gets messed up. For this reason, I prefer Drop Caps, as described in my opening comment.

Here is a macro that applies Drop Caps to every paragraph in a document:

Sub DropCapsEverywhere()
Dim pg As Paragraph
For Each pg In ThisDocument.Paragraphs
    If pg.Range.Characters.Count > 5 Then
        With pg.DropCap
            .Position = wdDropNormal
            .LinesToDrop = 2
            .DistanceFromText = InchesToPoints(0)
        End With
    End If
End Sub

1) ALT + F11 to open the VBA Editor
2) CTRL + R to open the Project Explorer (if it isn't already open)
3) Click the + sign to left of Microsoft Word Objects in your document in the Project Explorer (if it isn't already open)
4) Double-click ThisDocument to open the code pane
5) Paste the code there
6) Return to the document with ALT + F11

Hi victornegri,
Use the Drop Caps feature to change the size of the first word. You can access this from the Format...Drop Cap menu item. You'll want to choose the middle option, then specify the size of the larger font. If you want the first word to be in a larger font, select it before opening the menu item.


victornegriAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the quick response...

How do I then make it so that the words after the larger letter are aligned with the bottom of the first letter as opposed to dropping the letter down into the paragraph? How do I replicate this change to all paragraphs? Can I create a style?
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You should be able to modify the paragraph settings (via Format/Paragraph) and adjust the spacing before and after that line.  I think this will accomplish what you want.
SunBowConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I don't think you can, I think you have to live with it, workaround it, and use it as it is.

I had thought different, but I just tried several to no (complete) avail. Whether based on paragraph or font, or kerning or copying.

For example, I thought that using the new font, applying to a space would do it, but it did not. Mayber in an older version of Word it would.

For only a single paragraph, a possible workaround could be to change the fonts of symbols, such as for periods and commas. They essentially look the same, but do a better job at managing the vertical control inside the paragraph. But it is a die roll whether you can get punctuation on each line. For a single paragraph you might be able to adjust/accomodate.

Unless you can use similar font size and either bold or different font, you are often better served by making that a standalone heading level
victornegriAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the help!
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