Extra space on bottom of screen

On both Firefox and IE, extra space appears on the bottom of my webpage, causing scroll bars to appear even though everything fits on the screen.  The last item on the page is a large table.  I used w3c validator to check the html, and the only errors that came up were missing "alt" tags, which I doubt is related.  

Even more strange is this:  my page also has javascript pulldown menus on it and for some bizarre reason, when I expand one of the menus, the scroll bar disappears and the extra space goes away!

I know there's probably nothing any expert can do here without going through the actual html code (which is really too long to post), but I'm wondering if the symptoms I'm describing here at least SOUND like something familiar, or something somebody has experienced before, so that a few good suggestions are possible.

Anyway, any help at all would be appreciated.
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Jeremy DaleySenior DeveloperCommented:
in my experience... there could be a number of things, and you're right, the code WOULD help.
but still...we'll work with what we have.

certain block elements (especially forms) can cause extra margining, so you need to specify in the stylesheet that those elements have a {margin:0px; }

depending on the number of tables you have on your page, try setting the borders=1 (just for testing purposes) so you can see which cell the space is showing up in...if the table is indeed causing this. check and make sure you don't have a style in your stylesheet setting a margin or padding that would cause this.

i've also had an occassion where one cell was taken up only by an <img>. in this case, you can see a little extra bit of space following below the <img> when it shouldn't have. to fix this, i had to set the <img> with an inline style (<img style="display:block; ">).
setting the <img> with a block display helped clear out that space.

just a few things to consider.
Ian GoughCommented:
Hmm could you post the url of the page or maybe upload the page so we can download it if its too big to post here.
Sounds like the JS menu is causing a problem. It would be interesting if you could post the code for the JS menu (if not copyrighted) to see if there are any big offenders (I'm thinking of 100% height definitions here, or dodgy positioning)
ThinkPaperIT ConsultantCommented:
Have your page displayed in IE and then View Source. Scroll to the bottom and see if you've got any <br> or <p> tags hanging around.

Otherwise, I assume it's your TDs that are being funky. maybe a colspan or rowspan is off?

Hard to tell without displaying code.. even if it IS long.
Jeremy DaleySenior DeveloperCommented:
i seriously don't think all t his guess work is gonna go anywhere without some code...

1. Select all the text in your code document

2. Right-click. A pop-up menu will appear allowing you to "Copy" text.

3. Once this is done, you can go to Experts-Exchange.com and:

4. Inside of the comment textbox, right-click again, bringing up the pop-up menu, and go to "Paste". This will paste your code in the box allowing experts to view your code.
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