MSN Online Status Indicator Problem

Hi All,
I'm having a problem where my MSN status indicator is returning an unknown status. I've tried different sources ato test this such as and I've put the code from these sites into my website and get the same unknown status message. I've tried all the setting on the Norton firewall and with Windows Firewall but both seem to allow MSN through. Any suggestions?? Has anyone ran into a similar problem?
Any help would be much appreciated
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Try signing into and see if you still experience these problems.
dereksheahanAuthor Commented:
Sorry, maybe I was unclear in the question. works and so does my regular MSN messenger account. I've inserted code into a web page to check the online status of MSN. It continouslly returns an unknown status. I think it is a local computer problem, just not sure what? As I said, checked the firewalls and they seem okay. Any ideas,
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dereksheahanAuthor Commented:
Just checked it on and it is able to determine the status. Therefore, my guess is it must be some kind of local problem?? Here's the code I downloaded that I'm using on the web-page. I got this code from the page
HTML code to put on your web page:
<!-- Begin Online Status Indicator code -->
<!-- -->
<A HREF="">
align="absmiddle" border="0" ALT="MSN Online Status Indicator"
<!-- End Online Status Indicator code -->
dereksheahanAuthor Commented:
Got it solved myself. Thanks guys. Tried a different webstie that used "pots" to determine the online status.
congrats :)
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