Business Object Vs Microsoft Access 97

Business Object Vs Microsoft Access 97

We have a C/S application which is developed in PB/SQL SERVER 2000.

And we have another application which is in ACCESS 97 to generate reports from the SQL SERVER 2000 (same database) using link tables.

Now our client wants to store .jpg files in SQL SERVER and show it in the report.

I am not sure, if MS-Access 97 has an ability to retrieve files stored as BLOB in SQL Server. Also, I have heard many good things about Business Objects.

Is BO really better than Access. I think it should be   If so, can you give me some points where I can convince my client that BO is much better
than ACCESS 97?

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TommyTupaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
1. Ease of use.
2. Flexibility.
3. Ability to query a variety of data sources..
4. Pixel perfect reporting.
5. Ability to exoprt in a variety of formats.
6. Quick development time.
7. Quicker response time.
8. Easier ability to aggregate and\or rank results.
9. Easier ability to create formulas and\or conditional logic.
10. More eye-pleasing reports.

Hi gdamodaran,
You are talking about Business Object. Do you mean that BO is an application or an architecture?
Hi gdamodaran,
The time I studied at school, I remembered that my teacher one said about BO - Business Object and Informatica. They are two important component that support you build Data Warehousing.

Below is the explanation of author Vamsi:
"Sqlserver2000, Informatica, BO-Business Object are like three wings for data
ware housing.
For SQL server 2000 you need to start with administration to PL/SQL
Informatica we need to learn from installation,administration,repository
management,importing data bases, exporting objects, creating targets,
creating mapping with all the transformations, then session and work flow
creation in work flow manager, then about work flow monitor, at last you can
learn about the repository tables.
Bussiness objects, you need to concentrate on installation, repository
creation, centralized repo.. maintenance, administration, job creation, data
flow creation and work flow creation, how to import data bases and export
jobs, and study of meta data is a must. Coming to reporting side concentrate
all of the topics which comes with installation.
(Read from

P.S I am really interested in what you are discussing about. Hope more member will join this topic.
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After asking some of my friend, I understand that Business Object help us to make Report easier.

I found this one by TommyTupa (member of experts-exchange)
Download the file and read it. The document is about usage of Business Object 5i. I guess that you did understand well on Microsoft Access 97 report generating, so now you could have a look at this document to make a comparison between two tools.
If you have free time, you can also have a look at
Upgrading Business Objects Reporting Solutions

Business Objects Information Resources

Customer Support, Consulting, and Training

Business Objects pushes reporting integration,10801,91951,00.html

home page of Business Object

I've tried and just have this for you. Hope you have a good presentation to your customer.
I like your post!!!!
Register this page to have a white paper (technique document) of BO:

also some other material here.

Sincerely yours,
gdamodaranAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your response.

To answer your question, I am basically trying to find out what advantage will I have when I use  Business Object as a reporting tool over MS-Access. Thanks!

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