ISA 2004 & FTP

We have an ISA 2004 box running on top of Server 2003 Enterprise controlling traffic at our high school.  The church side of the organization needs to send the pastor's sermons to an FTP site so it can be put on the WEB for streaming.

We cannot write to the FTP site and receive the following error message.

200 Type set to I.
200 PORT command successful
550 Access Denied

Now, I know what your' gonna's a permission issue, but the FTP worked fine before ISA and only stopped working after ISA.  Our host tells us the FTP site is dedicated to us and it has remained static for the last year that we've been uploading sermons there.

The first thing we did was turn off passive mode under IE and that made no difference.

So the host tells us to open ports 1024 thru 6553 on our ISA FTP rule, which we did, but that made no difference.  We tested two other FTP sites (sites we control) and received the same error.  Off site, we can access the FTP site fine but our off site test bed is not behind an ISA box.

We created a rule, just to test, and set it to rule #1, and opened up ALL FTP traffic on ALL ports and got nothing.

I would go back to my host and tell them it's their issue, but I can't write to any other FTP sites that I know work.

Any ideas?


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Keith AlabasterConnect With a Mentor Enterprise ArchitectCommented:
right-click your rule that is allowing the ftp and select configure ftp. Put a tick in the box that says allow upload or remove the tick that states read-only.

The ftp filter in ISA server 2004 and ISA server 2006 (by default) is download/read only.
Keith AlabasterEnterprise ArchitectCommented:
PS. Once you have it working again, close all those additional ports you have opened as they are not necessary; just a security risk. ISA operates by opening dynamically the secondary ports using the high-port number stipulated by the ftp server you are contacting.


crp0499CEOAuthor Commented:
It's problems like, it's SOLUTIONS like this, that make me think I should have been a mortician!

We spent 40 minutes on this one yesterday and the solution was so simple.

Thanks Keith.

Keith AlabasterEnterprise ArchitectCommented:
No problem and you are very welcome.

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