3 questions- how do I set up FTP, Remote Web Desktop Connection and Web hosting capabilities?

I am trying to set up FTP, Remote Web Desktop Connection and Web hosting capabilities on my home (DSL) LAN.
I want to connect from outside via the internet.

I have a Westell DSL modem.

I then have a crossover cable connecting to a D-Link Router into a port not the WAN link( does this sound correct??)
I then have anouter crossover cable going to a hub.
From the hub I have a server (Windows server 2003) Poweredge 4300
I enabled IP Passthrough to a server.
How should I configure my IP address on the server? Static? if the IP address of the Wan or Lan?( Remember ip passthrough is enabled)

Do I need to make sure any other settings are configured on my Modem or D-Link Router?

1. I need web remote desktop connection
2. I need FTP for a specific directory
3. I need to host a web page. I also need to know how to use a Domain name. I have a DC with AD and DNS and DHCP.

Thanks all.
I know this is a challenging question.
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scrathcyboyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If the DSL modem can deliver DHCP, set it to deliver DHCP, turn DHCP off on the router and on the server.   If it does not, set the router to deliver DHCP, it is more reliable than the windows box at dedicated DHCP.  Say the DHCP IP range is 192.168.0. x  and the DHCP ranges from 2 to 100.  Give the server a static IP of a number just outside that range, say 101.  I prefer to set the server at  (if the DSL modem is 1 and the router is set statically to  It depends if your DSL modem does DHCP or not.

This is an easy question to get right, but you have to go into your modems setup to see if it will do any routing functions or not.  You are simply trying to eliminate conflict between the modem and the router.  As for the server, let it serve out the windows apps, routers and similar hardware are MUCH MUCH more solid and stable at delivering DHCP and VPN (if the router is capable of a VPN endpoint) than windows.  

Other people will say give the DHCP fuction to windows with VPN, but then when windows crashes or gets the slightest bit fouled up, you lose everything.  So use the hardware designed for these functions, write down how you set them up, and you will NEVER lose your network.
You do NOT want cross over cables, yuo want straight through from DSL modem to router to hub to server.
mancoiAuthor Commented:
How can I set up up D-Link DI-604? I am thinking of getting rid of my D-Link and replacing it with a Cisco router and switch in the near future.

In the mean time, can you help me with setting up Windows instead of the router?

1. FTP
2. Web remote Desktop
3. Host a web page

I do have  a static IP address issues via ISP.

I just explained how to set up the router, DSL and server in the above post.  It doesnt matter if a Dlink or a Cisco, it is the same setup.  Please read above post, thank you.
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