Which browser on PC can simulate Safari on a Mac ?

I don't have a Mac. I design webpages optimized for IE and Mozilla on a PC. I need to simulate the Safari environment on a PC so that I can check how my webpages would look within the Safari browser ona  Mac ? Can anybody suggest a solution?
Do webpages optimized for Mozilla will appaer ok in Safari too?
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GurbirsAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the reply. But what if I need to test an application made in PHP - an example : I have an admin section where I have made a text content editor....and text on the website updated through the content editore comes out fine in IE but my client says this application does not work in Safari....can I simulate such actions too so that I can optimize this too for Safari?

Thanks in advance.
I think your best bet is to ask this in a web development forum.  See what others are doing.  From what i have read, developers looking to test such stuff have tested on opera and firefox and had no problems with safari.    Hey you could always go to a coffee shopto test!
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