3com Network Supervisor application is not discovering 3com Wireless Access Point on the WAN

Hi there

I have an instance of the 3Com network supervisor appliaction (3C15100D Version 4.0.1) at our Head Office. It is connected to the network and WAN which consists of about another 30 subnets. On some of the subnets i have a managed router and then a 3Com WAP (3CRWE454G72) that is passing on IP addresses to laptops containing 3Com PC Cards (3CRWE154G72).  
When i run the discovery in the 3Com network supervisor appliaction, it discovers the devices that are the PC cards in the laptops, but NOT the WAP. The router is acting as the DHCP, and therefore allocating the WAP and the PC Cards with IP addresses.
Please can you help me to find out why the WAP's are not being discovered. We want to be able to manage them and log into them from this central console at Head Office.
Do i need newer network supervisor software? I have checked but can't see any settings on the WAP that need to be enabled.
All input greatly appreciated.

Cheers, Erika
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mysticaldanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try Networking. http://www.experts-exchange.com/Networking/

I would however advise you to check the 3com knowledgebase at http://knowledgebase.3com.com/ and see if you find what you require. I dont think it shud be that difficult.

BarfootsAuthor Commented:
BTW, i hope Hardware is the right topic... i didn't know what else to put this question under.
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