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Putting a Windows 98 machine on a switch

I have a Windows 98 SE system.  I want to put a timer program on their for employees to login.  It is going to be hooked into a switch that is on a 2003 Small Business Server network.  I am obviously not going to join it to the network.  The network is behind a 3com office connect.  I am going to use the 3com and block it's ip from leaving.  It will be statically set.  The only thing this machine will be used for is that timer program.  I will have antivirus and it will stay on all the time and just be used to house the timer program on.  Does this hurt security in any way or anyone see any problems with doing this.  Any cons to this at all?
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My opinion is to setup a firewall (Sygate personal firewall is a free and good solution ) on that 98 pc and close all ports, except the one that you need in order the timer program to work.
Also, antivirus as you sayed and all the windows updates.

Remove all the Internet explorer icons ( Desktop, Start Menu etc ) and install Firefox just in case anyone wants to surf one the internet from that machine. And make firefox the default browser.

I think with the above you will be safe.
well closing all port of installing firewall of such thing only can protect him from internet hack, but security isn't always protecting you form internet.

First of all, let's see the question, original poster want to secure a machine from other computer to access it from network (I think that's what closing port and installing firewall means). ok so he want to secure it, then there should be some special thing in that machine which he want to protect and what is that, that's the record of that timer program. so he also have to look at what application he using, are there any way to compromise the timer software to gain access to edit record.

I'm may be totally wrong.
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