Access Denied http 401.2 error -- please help

Hi I have recently setup a Projectserver 2003 sp2a server

I have taken leave for two weeks and when I return I get http://401.2 error when loggin on in MS Project 2003

I am an administrator inside Project server if I start my web browser and go to htp://servername/projectserver it logs on just fine I have tried MS support article Q323025 I have my proxy setup correctly and the site is in my trusted sites

any ideas ??
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BembiConnect With a Mentor CEOCommented:
You mean, the second account within the Admin role works fine, but yours do not, right?

Check the following:
1.) Clear the Internet cache of your browser
2.) Delete your project server account information on your client, make sure, project is closed and recreate it
3.) Check name resolution on your client
nslookup servername (NETBIOS)
nslookup (FQDN)
nslookup IP_Address (Reverse)
Should come back promt without any errors.

4.) Compare the browser settings of your system with the system of your colleague.

On your server, you may check the NTFS permissions of the folders, you have installed Project Server, there is a driectory IISVirtualRoot. Make sure that your Windows Account has at least read permission.

Also you may check the log files of the IIS site, where your project server resides in. If not enabled, you can enable the log within the IIS Site properties. Logon in Project and see, if there is something unusual. You can compare it with the logon of the other admin.

Note that you will allways find a line within the log without user authentication (which is denied) and a following line with your user credentials. IE tried to logon anonymous before it tries to logon with user credentials. The line with the user credentials should come back with a status code 200 (OK) od maybe 301 (not changed). Codes of 4xx are access denial.
BembiConnect With a Mentor CEOCommented:
I assume, that your Project 2003 account uses also http://servername/projectserver.

If you use windows authentication, you should take care of the IIS security settings, which should set to ONLY windows authentication. If there is also the anonymous logon enabled, disable it.

Has it run before you have taken leave? Sometimes it helps just to reebott the server, before you make any changes.
OSLEEAuthor Commented:
your assumption is correct

There is another account with administrator access within project server we both use project pro 2003
he can get on with out any issues.

I have repaired my copy of project and reapplied sp2
yes it worked prior to my going on leave
I entered the resource pool

I have also rebooted the server and confirmed Intergrated Windows Authentication is the only authentication option for this web site

I still have the same problem  
OSLEEAuthor Commented:
thanks for the help .. after previously repairing as well as reinstalling Project 2003 Pro not to mention the multiple times I have reinstalled SP2
I finaaly rebuilt my laptop .. this seems to have fixed the problem .. thanks for your help
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