IIS6 not working externally on SBS2003 Server after Exchange ActiveSync Mobile Administration Web tool installed.


I work for company running Windows 2003 Small Business Server, as we are wishing to use Windows Mobile 5.0 devices I recently installed Exchange 2003 SP2 and relavent hotfixes as per the Microsoft Release notes, no problems everything was working. A few days later I installed the Exchange ActiveSync Mobile Administration Web tool. Now there is no external access to our IIS server, internally everything is working OWA, companyweb etc - but dead as a do-do externally, no external traffic has been recorded in the IIS logs since Tuesday. This looks at first glance like a firewall issue but I've been told by our Firewall expert that its working as it should, port 80 & 443 being forwarded to the Exchange server.

What I've done so far:

I've double checked the IIS config comparing it to similar posts on this site and it looks fine.
I have uninstalled the Mobile Web Tool
I've restored the Metabase.xml file from a backup done before the Mobile Web tool was installed.
All to no effect

I'm now offfically stuck! - Any help would be much appreciated.
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GranModConnect With a Mentor Commented:
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DJM67Author Commented:
Problem was actually with a corrupt firewall configuration. Watchguard Firebox 1000, had to restore a bare bones configuration and setup again, it was a Bizzare problem that took a while to sort out. Thanks to anyone who contributed.
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