file.path error

Posted on 2006-04-28
Last Modified: 2008-01-09

I have an upload script based on ASPUPLOAD and ASPJPEG. 2 files must be uploaded. An mp3 file and an image file. If the file is an image I would like to resize it. I use the following code but get a  file path error :

Persits.Jpeg.1 error '800a0002'

The system cannot find the path specified.

/Uploadnewkol_alpha1.asp, line 76

Can someone see whats wrong?

Best regards Theo DK


    dag = Day(Date)
    mdr = Month(Date)
    aar = Year(Date)
    ctime = Hour(Time)
    min = Minute(Time)
    sek = Second(Now)

TIDNU = aar & mdr & dag & ctime & min & sek

function lavPassword(antal)
  tilladtkarakter = "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz1234567890"
  str = ""
  for j = 1 to antal
    index = Int(rnd * len(tilladtkarakter))+1
    str = str & Mid(tilladtkarakter,index,1)
  lavPassword = str
end function
Set Upload = Server.CreateObject("Persits.Upload.1")
Upload.ProgressID = Request.QueryString("PID")
'Upload.SetMaxSize 3000000, True
CountFiles = Upload.Save
if CountFiles < 2 then response.redirect "uploadfform_alfa_lot1.asp?message=Du skal have valgt en lydfil og 1 billede med gennemse"
for each file in Upload.files
fn  = lcase(Right(File.ExtractFileName, 4))
imageerror="uploadfform_alfa_lot1.asp?message=Du må kun uploade billeder af typen .gif eller .jpg og lydfiler af typen .mp3"
if imageerror <> "" then
Ext = lcase(Right(File.ExtractFileName, 3))
If not (Ext = "gif" or Ext = "jpg" or Ext = "mp3") Then
Response.Redirect imageerror
End If
End if
descr=Upload.Form("descr" & i)
filnavn=Upload.Form("pic" & i)
check=Upload.Form("check" & i)
          if check = "-1" then
  check = "-1"
  check = "0"
end if

filnavn = Session("MM_Username") & TIDNU & lavpassword(5) & fn
If file.ImageType <> "UNKNOWN" Then

    ' Create instance of AspJpeg object
          set Jpeg = Server.CreateObject("Persits.Jpeg")
    ' Open uploaded file /this is the error line 76
    Jpeg.Open (file.Path)
' New width
L = 400
' Resize, preserve aspect ratio
Jpeg.Width = L
Jpeg.Height = Jpeg.OriginalHeight * L / Jpeg.OriginalWidth
' create thumbnail and save it to disk
Jpeg.SaveAs "d:\Inetpub\wwwroot\putandtake\alfa\media\" & filnavn
File.SaveAs "d:\Inetpub\wwwroot\putandtake\alfa\media\" & filnavn
end if
Recordset1("filnavn" & i)="media/" & filnavn
Recordset1("Descr" & i)=descr
Recordset1("check" & i)=check
response.redirect "uploadfform_alfa_lot1.asp?message=" & Countfiles & " fil(er) blev uploadet til serveren !"
Question by:cryptoboy
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    Accepted Solution

    Made it hard for me to see that error... :-)

    Ok, what I would do is response.write the line:
    Response.Write "<BR>" & file.Path & "<BR>"

    Paste that into your code above line 76.  This will at least show you where the web browser is trying to get to.

    If there shouldn't be any problem with what is posted back to the screen, ie, the URL file.Path brings back is correct.  Then you will have yourself a permissions issue.  You would need to make the path that the URL is trying to access, Web User Permissions.  Either share the folder over the web, or allow permissions for IUSR_MachineName to access that path.

    if the file path starts with: "../"  you may want to make sure that IIS allows virtual paths to be passed.

    Let me know what the response.write brings back.

    Author Comment

    Hi Steven,

    That helped a lot : You see the file.path is still from my machine (not uploaded) and looks like this : E:\tjspliff\nytmemoryumagepar\4_appelsin.jpg

    Should I rearrange the code and how?

    Author Comment

    File.SaveAs "d:\Inetpub\wwwroot\putandtake\alfa\media\" & filnavn
    If file.ImageType <> "UNKNOWN" Then
        ' Create instance of AspJpeg object
              set Jpeg = Server.CreateObject("Persits.Jpeg")
        ' Open uploaded file
        Jpeg.Open (file.Path)
          'Response.Write "<BR>" & file.Path & "<BR>"
    ' New width
    L = 503
    ' Resize, preserve aspect ratio
    Jpeg.Width = L
    Jpeg.Height = Jpeg.OriginalHeight * L / Jpeg.OriginalWidth
    ' create thumbnail and save it to disk
    Jpeg.Save ("d:\Inetpub\wwwroot\putandtake\alfa\media\" & filnavn)
    end if

    This works for me. Is it allright ?

    Author Comment

    Anyway, I really appreciate your input. The response.end is really useful and works like break; in JS or ? Never used it before but will from now on. Thanks again from Theo.
    LVL 2

    Expert Comment

    Without seeing exactly what the code is doing its hard to give an answer, other than to say, if it works the way you wanted it to, then it can't be too bad.

    As for Response.End, that's exactly what it does.  It stops any further posts to the screen.  Very, very useful thing to know.

    Glad I was of some help, cheers for the points.

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