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Is there any "TUGZipper"?-Batch compressing many subfolders by using a TUGZip's script

When we have a folder with a lot of compressed files to uncompress (zip, rar, ace, others) we can use a good program such as WinRar, that integrates in context menu, and offers the option "Extract each archive to separate folder". This is a great thing because we do not need to uncompress each file separately (one after other), what would be very, very boring and time-consuming ! My question is the inverse - I have a main folder with a lot of subfolders and I want to "Compress each folder to separate archive" (make a compressed file for each subfolder, and keeping the sub-sub-folder structure, in a automatic batch). For example C:> A\A1 and C:> A\A2 are the 2 main subfolders (A1 and A2, inside A); A1 and A2 have a lot of sub-sub-folders that does not matter to enumerate; and I want to create A1.zip and A2.zip by one only action (rather than compress each one separately... 2 are just 2 but imagine what would be 80!!...).
TUGZip is a very good freeware compression/decompression application (http://www.tugzip.com/) which supports scripting (in a language which looks like C/C++).
I know very little about C/C++, so I do not know to do such script... Can you make a script to me ? Thanks in advance.

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