Looking for components for managing modular (plugin-esque) applications

With a very quick google, only www.athrasoft.com looked up my street, but this is too small. We need applications with a much larger scale because our clients won't accept components from 'hobby' developers unless we can really guarantee the quality of the product & support.

We have an application at the moment that has a number of complementary, but entirely separate, 'mini' applications. In the new version of the main product, we have considered it would be a massive improvement if all these apps could be brought under the same interface as new modules.

Can someone point me towards some good components?
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Have a look at http://dsps.dragonsoftru.com/ ... the trial component comes with your Delphi companion CD as well.

I used to use the UIL Plugin Framework, but it is now acquired by TMSSoftware. You can find it at http://www.tmssoftware.com/ under Plugin Framework (VCL Component Pack). TMS Software is one of the more well-known companies offering good Delphi components, so it is not a "hobby developer" thing.

For a really professional solution, look at Hydra 2.0 by RemObjects http://www.remobjects.com/page.asp?id={84F6BA20-8322-4C2F-8D22-4409CD6DCDA6}
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