how to find the front grid from N numberof grids one behind another in

hi friends,
my doubt is in regarding the flexgrid...
its regarding windows application...
i have a form which may contain  N Number of grids one behind another...
but i am not creating the grid dynamically...
that grids may be in the panel.
from that form while execution, i want to know which grid is in front and visible to the user when i click a button or any other control...

expecting the answer from u guys,
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allallallConnect With a Mentor Commented:
what about adding these grids to an array (call it aoFlexgrid).
Then use this function:

(vb code - i do not know
function GetActiveGrid() as flexgrid
for i=0 to ubound(aoFlexgrid)-1
   if aoFlexgrid(i).Visible then
         Exit Function
   end if
end function

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