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I'm not sure if this is the correct place to post. It's mainly concerning OWA, but also affects other sites...

In OWA, when my users reply and the message pops up, I get:
"Press SPACEBAR or ENTER to activate and use this control".
Doing so enables the control so that I can reply to the message.

Googling reveals that this is an MS Windows XP/IE Update and affects many Active X controls.

Does anyone have a workaround? As I understand, uninstalling the MS update may prevent further IE updates from being applied.

I note that web designers may re-code to prevent this message from appearing. If this is the case, will OWA be updated?

Are my OWA users going to have to put up with this or is there any hope?

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LeeDerbyshireConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Reading this more closely:


It sounds like it is part of KB912812 .  It does sound like the download near the bottom of the page:


is meant to fix the issue, since it says:

"Only the Internet Explorer ActiveX update behavior that is described in update KB912945 is disabled."
I think this is another side-effects of the software patents minefield.  I don't think there's a fix yet (although we have to hope that there soon will be), but here's some light reading material regarding the issue:



Perhaps it's possible to uninstall KB912945 from Contol Panel/Add Remove ?
Maybe some of this will help:


Unfortunately, I'm not sure if the patch, and the described registry key, apply to this problem.  I've not experienced it at first hand.
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mikefishAuthor Commented:
I did look for KB912945 in add/remove progs on one user's machine, but couldn't find it. Maybe it's now bundled in other IE updates?
mikefishAuthor Commented:
Yes, loog like the thing. I'll try the patch on a user's pc and let you know
mikefishAuthor Commented:
Sorry, forgot to reply. Patch worked perfectly. Many thanks.
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