The value of this web marketing offering from Yahoo!

I have been looking at a web marketing offering Yahoo! is offwering, and wondering if I could get some feedback from any of you Internet marketing experts as to the offering's value/worth for marketing a worldwide product.

The offer can be seen at :

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weikelbobConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I like amitkh2006's comment except:

>>but it wont be long that yahoo would catch up

I've dealt extensively with various Yahoo services and the quality is just not like it is at Google.
There are two seperate packages on offer here.

Yahoo Site Match. Before you look into this you should check if your site is beeing spidered already by yahoo. In the current search engine market there is a rush for content between msn, yahoo and google and they are competing to list as much content as possible so to pay for inclusion would be in my opinion a waste of money as you will normally find it will be spidered free of charge anyway.  

Yahoo Cost per click. Formerly Overtue now Yahoo search marketing is where you bid for keywords on yahoo search and there content network. When someone types in that keyword or views content related to that keyword it triggers your advert. The amount of you bid determines how high up the page and how often your ad is displayed. It can be a very effective way of targeting advertising if managed properly.
Also check out Google Adwords. It's as good as Overture (some say better). It moves faster than Overture and cost only $5.00 to start.
I would favour Adwords over anything. Google seems to rule the roost at the moment.

see if you combine google and yahoo, they cover almost 60% of the total internet search traffic. although google is ahead of yahoo at the moment in terms of its adwords, but it wont be long that yahoo would catch up. already yahoo has entirely remodelled its advertising program. i would suggest keep a ratio of 70:30 for your advertising needs. i mean if you have to spend US$ 100, spend US$ 70 on google and the other US$ 30 on yahoo. that way you would get optimum exposure on highly popular net properties at reasonable costs.
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