Backup Exec 10-issue: Drive and media mount requested

Hi Experts,
I am trying to assit in resolving a BE10 backup problem..I have no experience with the Windows version and dont quite understand some of the error messages.  The details I have thus far:
BE10 for windows running on Server 2003 Enterprise edition backs up to Dell poweredge 750 server.
Several backup jobs are scheduled to run in succession.  4 saller jobs(<16gb)complete without issue however the next job which is to backup the main file server(100+gb) presents the "Drve and media mount requested" notification.  What does this mean? Could this particular backup be incorrectly configured?  Please advise if you need more info.
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It wants to backup to some drive or media that either doesn't have enough free space on it or isn't present. Click on the Job's properties and check what it is trying to backup to.
Check the capacity of the tape that you are backing up to and make sure it has enough space to backup a job of 100GB + in size. You could also check the jobs properties and make sure compression is enabled as most tape manufacturers show their tape capacity either with or without compression, e.g. 100GB/180GB.

You can also do a test run on the particular job that you are trying to backup. Make sure you have a tape in the drive and then right click on the job in the Active Jobs window. Select 'Test Run' from the drop down menu and let it run along.

This will check the whole capacity and integrity of the job and give you a good idea if the job will fail or not.

Hope this helps.
DuratekAuthor Commented:
thanks for feedback will take a look and  respond.
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