Exchange database size going over the limit with SP2?

Hello all,

I have a strange thing going on. I am running Exchange 2003 standard with SP2. All of a sudden over the past two days, at exactly 5am in the morning, Exchange dismounts the mailbox store saying I am over the 18g limit? I thought with service pack 2 that it was increased to 75g? Anyway, I can go into system manager and simply remount the store and it does without problem. My fear is that every morning at 5 am it will keep dismounting for some reason. It has happened 2 days in a row now. Any thoughts on this? Thank you!
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By installing SP2 the limit is raised from 16 GB to 18 GB, to prevent sudden capacity problems on default installations. This is in the Service Pack readme documentation!

You have to set the database size limit, see how to.
Here is the microsoft's KB for the same ->

How to increase the Exchange Server 2003 Service Pack 2 18-gigabyte database size limit

Amit Aggarwal.
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