Creating a New Custom toolbar using script or Vb

hi all,


we have a client who has 3 different toolbars apart from the quicklaunch. The toolbars are links to a folders on the file server.
Basically wished to have a script which will allow the new toolbars to be created automatically at logon for any new users or new builds. Tried to see if there was an option in the GPO but no joy. Help appreciated

thank you
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That would be too easy.

No such solution.
Will SzymkowskiSenior Solution ArchitectCommented:
Hello there,

This might be what your looking for

Hope this helps
jeremypembertonAuthor Commented:

thanks for the reply, however i think this is a article as to how a toolbar is created using vb. What i am actually looking to do is:

1. When you right click on taskbar->toolbar->create a new toolbar.
2. I want to have a my toolbar in the options if not my login script creates it automatically.
p.s.  you know you could script this into quick launch, right?  You probably thought of that would remove the toolbar groups, but enable quick launch links that can be checked with scripts.
There is no way in windows to automatically create a new toolbar, without user intervention.  YOu have to realize, windows is the ultimatly fiddlers interface, and 90% of its commands presuppose that the user is sitting in front of the screen, and has ENDLESS hours of his life to waste fiddling with this cryptic interface called windows.  So this task or tool bar creation is one of them.  The poor young microsoft yuppies who are the ultimate fiddlers with this egocentric point and click interface could not even imagine how to create a whole toolbar without them fiddling with the mouse to micromanage every single aspect of it.  SO no, you are dealing with micromanaging fiddlers, there is no way to automate this function.
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