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I have a Presario 705us and the display just flops all the way open. The little metal hinges are broken. I have been thru the HP site and "helps" without success. Does anyone know where to get exploded views and parts numbers for the small parts not normally listed by parts dealers?
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As far as the hinges are concerned, you would have to order the display assembly in order to get them from compaq/HP and are not sold seperately. Check this picture and magnify it . you will see the hinges clearly.

I did manage to find a site that deals in fixing them. be aware they are in CANADA.

The closest I found is here but its the wrong model
perhaps you could call them to see if they are interchangeable.
This link should help
you will have to open each one to find the proper procedure to get those hinges. more than likely the sequence is to remove the keyboard
 then check in the display section.
but I would check every link there to get an idea.
If you go to the aforementioned weblink at you may be able to substitute a different part number since there are other models with identical brackets and possibly hinges, check this link and match it up with yours:

Be sure to double-check as it is an expensive part (though I believe you can return it if incorrectly ordered).  You may also find some parts on ebay if this is a correct match.
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