URGENT Help in AS400: How to find where java class is saved in AS400

I am a Java Developer. I dont know how to  use AS400. We have this router program that runs this java class. But I dont know where this java class is saved in AS400. How can I find out where would this java program be saved in AS400 since I have to recompile the code and update that program.
Following is part where java program is called:

          CLASS(com.ccfna.mobilesource.server.message.MessageHandler) PARM($PROPERTIES &SYSOUT &CONFIG)

please help me out on where to find where this messagehandler program is saved in AS400 or how does it find it. This is URGENT.

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shalomcConnect With a Mentor CTOCommented:
If you are familiar with Unix, then use qshell or pase to find your file.
run the command QSH and start working with ls and grep.
You don't have vi, so you will have to settle for the iseries EDTF command  

Use the WRKLNK command to find the directory. Often the RUNJVA command has the path name listed in it as a parameter like this:
RUNJVA  CLASS(com.ccfna.mobilesource.server.message.MessageHandler) PARM($PROPERTIES &SYSOUT &CONFIG) CLASSPATH('/MYAPP')
The default path on the RUNJVA is *ENVVAR, which is stored in environment variable CLASSPATH. You can use the  Work with Environment Variables WRKENVVAR command to look at the environment variables.

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