Migrating data using xcopy32.exe

I am migrating data from old server to new (both servers running Windows 2003 server Std SP1). Old server to be retired from network after data migration. Total data migration approximately 18 GB.  Is xcopy32.exe a utility that can be used in Windows 2003 server environment. Looking to use xcopy32 with the following switches /h /e/ v /k /o and migrate the data overnight so that the upgrade process can continue in the morning. Is this possible? If so where can I get a copy of xcopy32 for use in win2k03. This data migration to begin in about 12 hours.

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dooleydogConnect With a Mentor Commented:
i would recommend robocopy, native in xp and 2K3.

Similar in function, but more "robust" as that is what hte "ro" is for.

Check it out and Good Luck,
Robocopy is located in the 2003 resource kit.  I agree with dooley that robocopy would be a better choice.
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