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Does virtual hosting effect search engine rankings negatively?

I have read about people experiencing bad search engine rankings due to multiple optimized sites being hosted on the same virtual server.

I have also read from a Google technician himself, that this isn't true but can happen on a poorly configured virtual server.

Could someone shed some more light on this; Is it true at all? What would class as 'a poorly configured server' in terms of SEO?

Any other info welcome. Thanks.
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If you have a choice, make sure to get your own IP address.   When in doubt, why not do it right?   I've spoken with many top folks in this industry about this, and while the official line is that nobody's looking at it, why take the chance?  Find a host that will give you your own IP.  If they need a reason, say for anonymous FTP or SSL.  

If you are currently set up and hosting with a shared server, and you cannot change, then you should do tests on your virtual server for reverse DNS validity and other quick tests.



...are the best



... to the list above.
I'm sorry to have posted in several split out like this.  I know that you all got three notices :-(      My enter key caused the post above to be sent before I was ready.

Virtual hosting also has the other possible SEO disadvantages.

* Performance : Crawlers for Organic search depend on good performance from pages.  Poor performance, and they may abort.

* Performance 2 : Humans clicking on PPC ads where the landing pages do not come up fast hit the "BACK" button.  On some PPC engines, this means your "quality score" goes down, and your ads cost more.

* Reliability:  Virtual servers typically have 400+ sites.  Any one of them can bring down the entire box more quickly when sharing an IP.

* Blacklist issues:  Rare, but sometimes you can have a site blacklisted by IP address, and it affects many sites in virtual hosting.  This happens much more often with email, and if it happens with a proprietary blacklist, such as those held by AT&T, you need to be ready for at least 4-5 days of downtime.

Hello wbstech,

See the following thread with similar question, which may be useful for u.

wbstechAuthor Commented:
Thanks MilanKM. I'll split the points because those DNS tools in the first answer helped with the second part of my question.
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