New Server Setup/Burn in

Does anyone have any suggestions on a procedure to follow when getting a new server

I was looking for things like - Burn in the processor, burn in the Ram, test the network card etc. Also what order to do these things in would be helpful

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This really depends on what brand are you getting. Most big names like HP/Compaq, Dell, etc. have their own hardware testing tools, and you would be better off by using those.

On a no-name server you'll want to use something like memtest86 ( for memory, flood-pings with large packets (ping -f -s 9999) for testing the network card, and one of my friends used to run a kernel compilation as a "processor burning in" test. That's if you don't want to spend money for a commercial solution.
You could try looking at 

It has a random compilation of various sorts of utitlities, including many that are suitable for burn in testing.
For the basic hardware - Memory/HD/Processor etc, I personally use:

There is a free version avaialble as well.

This type of product is ideal for locating the source of a problem.

However, another concept (whilst not exactly rigourous) which does 'exercise' the system well is to run something like:

This really does 'exercise' the system as you'll see if you view the task manager.


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