Windows Terminal Server Profile Error

I just installed a new Terminal Server running Windows Server 2000 Standard with SP4 installed.

We use Terminal Server roaming profiles.

Whenever I log on to the server via a Terminal Services/RDP connection, I get the following error:

Windows cannot create profile directory \\server\profiles$\username.pds.  You will be logged on with a local profile only....

DETAIL - The network path was not found.

My other current Terminal Server and Citrix servers as well as my AD servers are all still running SP3 and I have no problem logging on to them.

What changed in Win2k SP4 and in Win2k3 that now it's looking for a .pds extension?  It will not detect or use my pre-SP4 profiles because the folders do not have the extension.

Is there any way around this?

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hi there

pls refer to this article

bornskirAuthor Commented:

Unfortunately the article you listed does not apply to the problem I was having.  I was not having a problem actually logging in to the terminal server, only with it looking for my roaming profile.

I found the solution to my problem.  I had a path for my TS profile setup both under Active Directory and in Group Policy.  The path in GP only applies to XP or higher clients.  I think the newer TS profiles may use the .pds extension it was looking for.  However, since my TS is still on 2000, the files did not exist.

I removed the GP and kept the path as listed in AD and now it works error free.

Thanks anyway.

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