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I am looking for a way to automatically document if a record changes  or
 when a record is added or deleted.
It can be in a form of a report a record being printed with changes anything that can be documented automatically.

I do not want documentation if a record it just opened and value is not changed in a field.(viewed only)

What I am trying to accompish is to no longer have to get handwritten forms from our client when they change something in a database, it can automatically be tracked.

Thanks in advance!

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lesouefConnect With a Mentor Commented:
tracking records changed is quite easy, a simple modification date can do this.
but tracking which record has been changed means to remember the previous value of each record...
I think I would write a script to edit records; it would
- export the record to change to a 2nd temp database
- compare the edited record with the external record, field per field, then store the changes in a field called "last_change",
- delete the external record.
rogierConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I understand you just need a report when a record is changed. Here is another solution:

1. in "field behavior" disable editing for all fields in browse mode
2. make a button in the layout that triggers a script (see 4.) and switches to a layout that you call "modify_records"
3. on the new "modify_records" layout, put only global fields. Make sufficient global fields, one for each "normal" field
4. make a script that pastes all info from the "normal" fields into the global fields
5. let the user modify the fields according to their liking
6. make a button (call it "update!") that prints the "normal" fields next to the global fields in a report (or email or pdf)
7. continue the same print script with the steps needed to paste the global values into the "normal fields"

This way you will get a hard copy or email every time someone changes a record. The printout nicely shows the original data next to the new data. Of course, you can add additional data like record ID, name of the one who modifies, etcetera.

If you need real syntax let me know.

tremendous work if you have a hundred fields... ok if you have 10 or so!
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kcassoneAuthor Commented:
I will be taking a look this week.
kcassoneAuthor Commented:
still pending...
kcassoneAuthor Commented:
have not forgotten question.still pending
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