What is the little red " x " trying to tell me about my network connections???

There are several computers at my office that when "My Network Places" is accessed, a small red "x" appears on ALL of the network icons.  On some of the workstations this occurs several times a week, on others, it is a constant condition.  I have been told that the small red x indicated that the connection is not accessible from that particular computer.  However, at no time has access been denied to any of the users.  What exactly does the red x indicate and how can I get it to go away when nothing is wrong.  It is not a huge deal...I would just like to be able to understand what is happening and make SURE that it is not a big deal.

Pleas help.
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JoeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This link should guide you on fixing this issue.

Usually the red X means that the resource is not available.

Are these mapped drives or just other computers in Network Neighborhood?

I have found that sometimes if you attempt to connect, the operating system has "old data" and will find that it can connect anyway. If it cannto connect, the other computer is offline, or you may some additional problems.

How many users total?

Are you in a domain or workgroup?

if you are in a workgroup, each pc that shares data needs to have an account for each user that accesses data from it. e.g. pc 1 has a printer, and users 1, 2, 3, and 4 all share it. PC 1 needs to have accounts that match the username, and preferably the password for each user that uses the printer.

The number of users may be important, because windows XP only allows 10 connections at a time, this is not changeable.

Good Luck,
amanzoorNetwork infrastructure AdminCommented:
No connectivity: it could be:
-The ethernet card on your system is not getting the connectivity signal.
-The ethernet cable is unplugged from the ethernet card on the computer system.
-The ethernet signal feeding those systems is not available.
If you working under the network environment (windows I presume) try bringing up the same network connections window up.  Remove the ethernet cable from the back of hte system and put it back, if all the ethernet connections are working fine plus the other end of the cable is connected to your Switch/router/ethernet wall socket you will see it will try to find the signal (connectivity).
best of luck
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howardnealAuthor Commented:

In answer to your questions:

mapped drives
13 users

Does this change your answer?

From the information I have gathered from your question it seems that although you have Rex X on your network shares they are still able to be accessed by the users right? If this is the case you need to either disable the timout in your registry for the lanmanserver or set it to a higher timout. The link that I have provided above from Microsoft will show you how to do this.

howardnealAuthor Commented:
Thanks JoeZ430....most helpful linkage.

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