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I'm in dire need of help with the Coldfusion Report Builder tool. The documentation seems to be less that available, and was hoping to find someone on here who has worked with this and can guide me along the way. I have built reports, no problem there, based on examples found on the Internet. My problem is that these are static reports......I'm having a hard time understanding how I can pass a value to the report to get the desired results. So I have a query that I built in the report builder, that selects certain data about several contruction sites. But if I only want one of those sites in a report, what do I need to pass from the requesting web page to the report file?? What I don't want to do is to have a report for each and every scenario.....later, I'd like the user to actually build their own reports based on what info they need, but for now, I'd be happy just to pass a site name, or a group of sites names to the report to get more specific results. So a user in my web site would do a search on an individual site, or all sites on the East coast, or may want to see all construcution sites......and then get a report on what they selected. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!
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There is a tag that you put into a cfm page called cfreport. Combined with cfreportparam you can set up passing of variables into the report builder.

In the rport builder where you have the wehere clause in the query enter

select *
from sites
where siteid = param.siteid

when you run the report it will ask you to enter a value for the siteid, this is passed into the query. This param is also passed in using the cfreportparam.

Hope that helps.
Here is a tutorial on how to use input parameters. Explains it better than I do. 
thompsonhAuthor Commented:
Thanks Alot!!! That was a big help......I'm still fumbling around a little, but I'm turning up reports now so that's a big start!!!!
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