Adobe Reader Error: There was a problem reading this document (15)

Hi all.

I get this error when I try to open a pdf file in one of my folders.

There was a problem reading this document (15)

I am using Adobe Reader 7.0

Any ideas?
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tsewenConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you can easily recreate the file, go ahead and recreate it.  If not, and the file is important enough, you can try repairing the file.  There is a shareware called Advanced PDF Repair that costs $149.95, and there is another service where you submit the broken PDF file, and they will give you a quote if they can fix it.

Here's the original Google search I did.

PDF Repair Service

Advanced PDF Repair 1.1 (Shareware)
Greetings, printmedia !

1. The PDF document may have features that require newer version of the Reader. Make sure you have the latest updates to Adobe Reader 7.  Visit and download and install a current version of
their free reader software.

2. The PDF file could also be corrupt.  Can you get another copy?

Best wishes!
printmediaAuthor Commented:
1. Yes we have the most up to date version

2. Restored it from December 2005 when the document was created still giving that error.
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First, we got to isolate the problem.  Have you tried opening the file on another computer?  If you have, and the file opens, then check the version of Acrobat reader on the other computer.  If the versions are completely the same, then there is a configuration problem on your computer.  If no other computer opens the file, then something is likely wrong with the document.  The later seems unlikely, assuming you were able to open your original before.

Good luck!
printmediaAuthor Commented:
We've tried opening the document from other computers and with other versions of  adobe. We restored the document from a backup and it still gives the same error. Unless there are any other suggestions we might have to recreate the file.
printmediaAuthor Commented:
Thanks tsewen!
You're welcome.  =)
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