Opening 1 PowerPoint on dual Monitors


I would like to open one powerpoint presentation and have it displayed on two screens. The two monitors (plasma screens) is connected to the same workstation. I've tried a few ways, copying the file and opening it twice, saving one as a show and a ppt......with no luck. They keep wanting to open in the same window. I'm using Microsoft Powerpoint 2003.

Any ideas?

Much appreciated!!
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RiDo78Connect With a Mentor Commented:
In addition on Tsewen's answer...

To accomplish screen-cloning, go to the display-properties -> settings tab, select the secondary display and disable 'Extend my Windows desktop onto that monitor". Now press apply and the secondary monitor will turn itself off.

Now click advanced and from here I can help you only when you have an ATI RADEON chipset with the CATALYST drivers installed. But you have another chipset (Nvidia for ex.) or another driver, you might want to read on for pointers. I take the fool-proof approach that should work with any version. Eventhough everything can be arranged from within the Catalyst Control Center (CCC).

Now start the CCC by going to the appropriate tab and press the only button it contains. In the CCC go to Manage Screens (Red arrow in case the translation differs). Now you see the primary screen in color and the secondary screen in another box in black&white. Right click on the disabled screen and select 'Clone primary screen to monitor'. The secondary screen turns itself on and shows a copy of the mainscreen. Press OK within 30 seconds, otherwise the settings will be undone.

To go back to dual-screen mode, right click the secondary monitor and select 'Disable'. Close CCC and go back to the display-properties page. Select the secondary monitor again and tick 'Extend my Windows desktop to this monitor' and click apply. If nessecary, drag the screens to the correct position (so that the left screen is on the left) and you're done again.
Hello kirkfondren,

you could look at these 2 FAQ entries on this topic

hope this helps a bit
tsewenConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Instead of extending your desktop onto two screens, you will want the two screens to mirror each other, meaning one screen is just displaying whatever the other screen displays.  I am not sure if Windows supports this by default, but many graphic cards probably do.  You should try going to Control Panel, open Display, click on the Settings tab, click on "Advanced ..." button, and then see what settings are available to you.  Different graphic card driver will give you different options.
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