Cisco 831 NAT Issue

I have a customer that has a Cisco 831.  They have 2 IP Addresses in the same subnet, but they are not close to each other.  Once ends in .227 and one ends in .247.  The Internet and the router work fine on the .227 address, however we want to have the Exchagne server use the .247.  I have setup a static NAT in the router just liek I have on a dozen or more routers in the past, but it does not work.  Normally when I do this I have a full subnet, not random IP's in the same subnet.  Does this make a difference?
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>They have 2 IP Addresses in the same subnet...
  So they have an entire Class C public IP block assigned to them?

Did you run "clear ip nat trans * " (note the asterisk) after adding the new .247 static entry? This must be done to reset the NAT table anytime you make any changes to your nat or static nat configuration.  If that doesn't do it, please post your complete but "sanitized" config for the router (passwords removed, public IPs masked like so: x.x.x.82, but don't mask out private IPs such as 10.x.x.x or 192.168.x.x).

Complete Class C?

rshooper76Author Commented:
I got the ISP to change a few things on thier end and now I got it working.
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