Webserver as well as Appserver thread connection problems

Hi ,
       What can be done inorder to see that the server does not go down due to error in the thread connections(error like:" Thread servlet  engine transports :4 " has been active for some time in milliseconds and may be hung.,there are totally some threads in total in the server that may be hung). What can be done in order to see that the server may not crash. What is te best thread pool configurations for Websphere Application Server 5.0 on Wintows box as well as Webserver's Thead child parameters, to be configured, Or, is the problem with the application deployed on the server ??
   Please let me know the best solution for my issue.

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rama_krishna580Connect With a Mentor Commented:

To resolve a crash that is caused by a stack overflow, do the following:
1. In the example above, try increasing the Java stack (-Xoss1m). For stack overflows that are caused by native stack exhaustion, use -Xss1m. If the server still crashes with an identical current thread, then the stack overflow is caused by a recursion in either the JIT or the application code.
2. Upgrade the JDK. If the stack overflow is caused by JIT, upgrading the JDK might resolve the issue.
3. Skip the methods that appear to be looping (see “Skip the failing method” on page 10 from below link).
In the example above, we would try skipping the following:
4. If these actions do not resolve the problem, then the problem is most likely a recursion in the application code. The owners of the code should be asked to review their code for the cause of the loop.


look at here also..


JMX library code was fixed to properly handle HashMap object so it is thread safe.

pavan_immadiAuthor Commented:
How can I increse the java stack (-Xoss1m) or how to use -Xoss1m.
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