Permissions tab is missing in Calendar properties in Outlook 2003

I want to share one of my users calendars with other users however when I go to the properties of their calendar the permissions tab is missing. This is the only user that appears to have this problem. We have Outlook 2003 and Exchange Server 2003.
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Thanks, war1
Greetings, hawk2109 !

1. Make sure you are online when you set up permissions.  Permission tab is not visible offline.

2. Go to the Addin Manager and check if any all addins are disabled.  In Tools > Options > Other > Advanced Options > Add-in Manager, make sure both the Out*.ecf add-ins have been installed.

3.  If still no joy, search for and rename outcmd.dat extend.dat, and their current OST.

Repair Outlook, and deleted all Outlook profiles/recreated the profile.

After this, re-install Outlook and it displays with no issues.

Best wishes!
Make sure that the account hasn't been set to deliver email to a personal folder instead of a mailbox.

Check that in the Accounts settings from the tools menu - the delivery location is in the lower left corner.

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hawk2109Author Commented:
Thanks for the suggestions, however the problem still persists. Some more information, when this user logs on to another PC all is OK in Outlook and the permissions tab is available.

If the problem still exists, you should not have accepted my comment.  In Control Panel > Folder Options > View.  Make sure "Simple File Sharing" is not checked.  Then you should be able to see the Security or Permissions tab.
hawk2109Author Commented:
Thanks War1 I will have a look at that. Apologies for the incorrect response this is the first question I have posted.
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