How to make UNC path available to people out side proxy?

How to make UNC path available to people out side proxy, for example internet users can be able to browse unc directory using Windows Explorer or Internet Explorer...Is it possible?
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llefebureConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It is possible, but you would be crazy to do it. If you open all the RPC ports to the internet, then it is just like not having a firewall. It leaves the pc vulnerable to a virus or other attack. If nothing else, it draws attention to your IP from all the port scanners that are searching for open services on the internet.

You would probably be a lot better off to use FTP, HTTP, or something else designed to deal with the traffic on the internet.
CraigHarrisConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You should make it available via an FTP or WebDAV server.

Alternatively, setup a VPN which people can connect to remotely and they will then appear as if on local network and you can give them permission to view the drive.
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