How do I remove search completion feature

Google remembers al my search history, for example, if I type 'a', it gives me all previous searches with start with 'a'. How do I disable this feature?

Thanks in advance.

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hoomanvConnect With a Mentor Commented:
this is a feature of your browser
if you are using IE

goto Internet Options -> Content -> AutoComplete

uncheck the "Forms" checkbox from "use auto complete for" box

also press the "Clear Forms" button
also in google there is a small down arrow just to the right of it.. firstly you can clear search history then below again>options>> untick auto fill. Auto link if you wish. Look thru the options.
What also helps is to open the history at the top of your toolbar. You may see Monday Tuesday etc etc you can delete all of them till empty.
Another option to truely clear you internet browsing history is to delete the index.dat.
A bit of informative information on Delete index.dat files and how to delete them

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