Unixware 7 under VMware or VirtualPC - How to?

Hi, I have an old Compaq server running Unixware 7.1.1 and I want to create a virtual image of it under VMWare or Virtual PC so that I can run it on another server.  I don't have the Unixware installation media.  Specific instructions would be very helpful.

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Prepare server to acquire disk image:
1) Install cygwin, namely netcat and dd programs
2) Launch nc -l 12345 | dd of=image.disk bs=64k

Make UNIX machine send disk image:
1) Shut UNIX down ( #shutdown now )
2) Boot Knoppix CD
3) dd if=/dev/hda bs=64k | nc server_ip 12345

hda might become sda if you have SCSI disks, examine dmesg output to find out correct disk name(s)

Multiple repeats if you have multiple disks.

When images are transfered use "advanced" config of your virtual machine to map disks as they were in real machine and boot it up.
Unixware 7.1.1 can run under Virtual Pc , although it´s not
supported by Microsoft.
In order to get the installation files and instructions, try P2Ps
like Emule or Kazaa.
Good luck
KennyCanAuthor Commented:
I like the netcat/dd solution. Any idea how to emulate a Compaq Proliant 1600 UW scsi drive under a virtual machine or should I ask in another area?

That is impossible.
You have to change disk drivers using installer CD/tape/floppies.
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