Hw do I get to XP files that are password protected from a H/D from a computer who mother borad crashed?

This is the case:

I have a Dell Inspiron 1000 laptop computer running XP Home edition.  It crashed with important files on it (appears to be the mother board). I took the hard drive out and put it into another computer and it boot up but windows keeps asking me to reactivate the software, however the installation ID can not be found at Microsoft thus I can not reactivate.  Therefore, in order to get the information off of the computer I put the hard drive in the system as a slave. Now I am able to view all the files on the hard-drive but I cannot get into the directory of the account that was password protected.  Every time I click on the folder I get "access denied".  Therefore, I can't even change the ownership.   The new box is running Win2K and I am logged on as the administrator.  Does anyone know of any way to get to these password protected files?
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Greetings, RevMWilson8 !

To get pass the "access denied" error, you need to take ownership of the folder

HOW TO: Take Ownership of a File or Folder in Windows XP

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RevMWilson8Author Commented:
Hello everyone,
  Just wanted to post an update.  I went back to my computer and thought about this a little more and found the answer.  War1 you answer is on target and I will accept it in a few.  However, the ownership had to be at the parent folder and I had to propagate that folders permissions down to the children.  War1 thanks for the reply though!
Glad to help, RevMWilson8!
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