Restoring the Priv.edb and Pub.edb without the log files

I need to restore my Exchange 5.5 server from tape backup (Veritas 9.1). I have the mailboxes, directory and info stores backed up but not the log files in DSADATA and MDBDATA.

I read this post:

but want to confirm what needs to be in the DSADATA and MDBDATA folders.

Is all I need the "dir.edb" in the DSADATA folder?

Thank you in advance
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The DIR.EDB is the actual directory database, like the PRIV.EDB and PUB.EDB are the database files for the private/public store.

If the files you have on tape are from an *offline* backup, then the files should be consistent and you will not lose any data since the backup. In that case it's OK to have only the EDB files without the logs.

After starting the Directory service and the Information Store (run isinteg -patch first like it says in above link), Exchange will re-create the log files and checkpoint files.

<< Is all I need the "dir.edb" in the DSADATA folder? >>
Basically yes, but it's still best to have all transaction logs to guarantee database consistency. Even though Exchange 5.5 has circular logging enabled by default.
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